Forging Ahead

Last week I posted a video vignette about the soap and lip balm making micro-enterprise at Community First! Village. This week I’ve got another one for you, and it could use some of what the one last week was making... ha!

The blacksmith shop provides another way for residents to earn a dignified income by learning a new craft. In this traditional forging workshop, Evan teaches old world techniques for making a variety of items from steel.

Like the soap and lip balm, these handmade products are then available for sale in the Community Market. The sense of pride and accomplishment in creating these original pieces is evident if you get a chance to discuss it with the maker. Enjoy!

At the Shepherd pledge level ($150), we offer a hand-forged bottle opener as our gift to you. Help us today!

Healing by Hand

I’m finally getting around to posting my first blog about Community First! Village. I plan to update it on a weekly basis and occasionally include some “slice of life”
vignettes like this one.

Since we began shooting in April and have hours and hours of amazing stories, we thought it would be fun to feature some of the micro-enterprises that are available to the residents at the Village.

As you will learn, one of the transformational components of living at Community First! is the opportunity for the previously homeless residents to earn a dignified income and to be mentored by the staff that works there. This brief video demonstrates an example of that. By the way, the products featured are also available as rewards when you give to our Kickstarter campaign.


This is a brief overview of one of the micro-enterprises going on at Community First! Village. Video produced by Inferno Films.