Art to Art

This week I’m featuring another one of the micro-enterprises available to the residents at Community First! Village.

The arthouse is a very large room with plenty of tables, chairs, and art supplies. It includes a separate room with a potter’s wheel for making pottery and another one for the kiln. It is open 6 days a week for the residents to come and create art. One of the artist featured in this vignette is Penney Hunt, along with some of her artwork. A painting of hers is the center piece of the poster for our film.

As with several of the other micro-enterprises, the artists are able to sell their creations in the Community Market. Obviously the proceeds help generate an income, but it also gives the residents a creative outlet and a sense of accomplishment which you can’t put a price on.

The beautiful note cards shown in this video are our gift to you when you contribute to our documentary efforts through our Kickstarter at several different donation levels
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