How Does Your Garden Grow

First of all...

With a huge thanks to my wonderful friends, family, and other generous folks, I am proud to announce that we have received pledges reaching our $50,000 Kickstarter goal! As you all probably know by now, if we had not reached our stated goal, we would have received nothing.

Words could never adequately thank you enough for your support. I'm confident that we now have the resources to effectively take our film (once completed) across the country and make a powerful statement of hope for helping our homeless brothers and sisters with the Community First! Village as the blueprint and our documentary as the megaphone. You all are now part of our journey. Any additional pledges will go towards the stretch goals that are listed on our Kickstarter page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now, onto this week's video vignette.

The Genesis Gardens are another one of the micro-enterprises at Community First! Village.

Heidi, the director, and her assistant Jim lead a team of residents as they grow an amazing variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. They also raise chickens for their eggs, and honey bees that produce, you guessed it, honey.

All of the produce is distributed to the residents on Saturday mornings free of charge. It’s an impressive operation, and it gives several of the residents an opportunity to make a dignified income, which is one of the many secrets to the success of Community First! Village. But having a chance to work with your hands, see the fruits of your labor, and knowing that you’re providing an essential service to your neighbors gives the participants a real sense of accomplishment that can never be overstated.