Thank you for making a difference. 

Community First! Village is not only changing the lives of Austin's homeless but is also impacting everyone involved. 

Tell your friends and family about this amazing movement. Share on social media with anyone you feel might have an interest in our documentary. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.

Thank you to the following individuals who have contributed!



Jeff Serra
The Agness Family
Larry & Wendy Smith


Nancy Blaylock
Margaret and Charlie Goolsbee
Guillaume & Anne Bebear



PC Lights, LLC
Delores and Martin Crane
Laura and David Farry
Patrick Goines
Dr. Glenda Smith and Brilliantsmiles Dental Office
Guillaume Cuvelier



Eileen Keller
Susan and Paul Funk
Tricia and Gary Hall
Mike Simpson
Molly Austin
Gary and Theresa Bucek
Yvonne Camacho
Jerry Alden Deal
Scott Peterson
Fred Bremerman



Julie Wylie
Suzanne Deal Booth
Jamie L. May
Sallie Imig
Marcellina and David Kampa
Rusty Martin and Susan Kirr
Jessiline Berry
Christi Pate
Suzy Seriff
Bob and Peggy Sharp
Brad Beldon (in honor of
Jake Newberg's Bar Mitzvah)

Tom Gira
Jennifer Palmer
John McIver
Lauren Peters
Dusti Wilmoth
The Zechers
M. Funk



Bill Mackie
Ann Kippen
Nona Niland
Jay Papasan
Neal and Peggy Rhea
Layton Funk
Barrett Yeager
Joan Grable
Becky and Tommy Blake
Laury Simmons
Jean and Martin Yeager
Eric Gerzymisch
Steve and Karen McComb Farabee
Jody Edward Ginn
Dwight and Claudia Kling




Devin and Emma Carlen
Alexander Meyer



Witt and Addie Langstaff
Valerie Babb Krohn
Eric Bieri
Steve and Kelsey Kling
Dave Obermann
Lewis and Joyce Stewart
Kim Sproat Lanicek
Vesta Hartmann Garcia
Margie Becker
Andrea Jansen
John Moore
Rich Armington
Melanie Nottinger
Rodney Brown
Kern F. Vanderburg
Jessica Parchesky
Leslie and Ron Boerger
Elizabeth Cheney
Jeff Rasco
Betsy Ronzano
Pat Sefton
Jennifer Boggs
Laura L.



Norris and Deanie Hammers
Rachel McCarty
Heloise Gold
Julie Carpenter
Lisa and David Prusha
Lori Davis
Julie and Rolland Fellows



Scottie McIntyre Johnson
Eileen Morgan
Cabrina Seuthe
Christina Martell
Anslee Connell
Rachel Toburen
SED Mitchell
Harrison Chute
Lisa Vanbebber Capers
Colleen McLinn
Malissa K Long
Karen Ford
Scott Van Osdol



John Gangstad
Althea N. Logan
Carolyn Rogers Beck
Alicia Jones
Adam Best
Allysha P.
Taylon Starr
Tano Lucero
Anne McWilliams
Richelle Fatheree


...along with many anonymous donors, too. We appreciate you all!

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